Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Again!

Yesterday we made the trip back up to Boswell, PA to retrieve the girls from camp. We borrowed a 9-passenger van so that we could take David's parents with us. David and I had tried to explain how beautiful the camp is, how wonderful the people are, and what a great, growing experience the girls have there, but these things are better experienced than heard.

We left yesterday at 4:30 am, stopped for breakfast in Berkeley Springs, WV, and arrived at camp before 10. The girls' belongings were all packed, piled outside the cabins, and ready to be loaded into the van. A trip into each of the cabins is always necessary though, because inevitably there is something left behind. This year I found a dirty, but identifiable sock, a bottle of sunscreen, and a letter from home. Not too bad.

We arrived in time to pack the girls' belongings into the van, catch up with some friends from church, and hear the campers sing in the dining hall. Following brunch, the campers discovered which team, Romans or Galatians, had earned the most points - Galatians won again this year. After the raising of the Galations flag, we all headed off to the individual cabin awards where each girl's counselors presented awards. Then came the closing ceremony during which the camp director presented major awards and next year's team captains were announced.

By all accounts each girl had a GREAT time! They are all ready to go back! They each have already made specific goals for next year. Katherine just came in and told me that she wished there was a 3-week term! I'm glad they won't ever do that! The laundry alone would do me in!


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