Saturday, March 24, 2007

Project 365: March 23

No school on Friday. Three (can you say "crazy") moms met at the park for a picnic lunch and hike on the trail with eleven kids and (only) one dog. This picture doesn't do the adventure justice. I took this one at the beginning of our 2-mile hike, before any real fun was even imagined! My camera battery died (*!) after this shot so this is what you get! I took loads of better ones with my friend's camera but don't have them yet.

I hope I can get the other pics because the kids had such a blast on the hike...words won't adequately describe the fun they had! They discovered nature - "allergy" in the stream and dead fish & clams (?) in the river! They skipped rocks, climbed trees, begged to swing into the river on a rope swing, dodged wet dogs, and avoided rocks being thrown by younger brothers....lots of fun!

* - my batteries generally don't last more than 6 weeks - David says it's because I take so many pictures. Oh well.


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