Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Swim Meet - KWC @ City

We swam against City tonight. Only two of our three swimmers were able to participate in this meet as Caroline has been sick. Our goal this week was to get her well enough to go to camp on Sunday. She'll be heartbroken if she doesn't get to go!

Even at 5pm we had to slather sunscreen on the kids for fear that they would get serious burns!

Caroline and Will had to come with me to bring the swimmers since David couldn't meet us until after work. Warm-ups start right after 5 so we have to get to the pool fairly early. We staked out a fairly shady spot and had the kids camp out under the tent. David did come and they were able to stay until after Katherine's last race.

Katherine swam the 25m freestyle and even breathed along the way. She might have stopped on the rope but it wasn't anything like last year! Her coach/swim instructor was so proud of her and the progress that she's made!

Before, during and after the event the kids laid low and played games.

Coach Laura came over to give Katherine some last minute butterfly advice. She had worked on keeping her feet together and remembering to touch with both hands when she reached the end. Too bad we didn't work on getting her elbows out of the water! She ended up being DQ'd because of that! Still it was a good race and good experience for her! She was one of several DQ'd in her heat - I think they had an extra picky judge!

Morgan swam too! She swam 50m free, 50m breast and 50m backstroke. She looked good and took several seconds off her time in at least one of her events! She and many of our team got DQ'd in the breaststroke - there are so many things that have to be done just right! It's good to have something to work on!

When the meet was over, the lifeguards opened up the water slide for the swimmers to enjoy. Our crowd was ready to go home and passed on that fun without hesitation! It was almost 10:30 by the time we left the pool!


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