Sunday, August 26, 2007

Scenes from a Birthday

For Morgan's birthday dinner she asked for stir fry. Have I mentioned recently that we have no air conditioning at our house?! I told her there was no way stir fry was happening in our kitchen even if it was her birthday!! Second best, and a long-forgotten favorite was Teppen Yaki! Ooh! The mere mention brings back such memories! We used to frequent The Chaing House quite often for birthday celebrations, and then it burned to the ground. Despite promises to rebuild, which my girls took to heart, the property now boasts a PetSmart and Embarq Stores. Tonight we went to The Flaming Wok! Here are some pictures!

Will loved everything about the meal - except the food. He did eat the rice but told the cooker guy that he did not like shrimp - it is yucky, and that he didn't eat chicken. He likes rice! That's it. Rice. The cooker guy was great and took Will in stride.

Will did open his mouth for the flying shrimp - I suppose he didn't really know what was coming but liked the idea of food flying through the air and catching it in his mouth. Shrimp flew, but Will didn't catch any. Just as well, it's yucky.
Grandmama on the other hand knew it was coming and, with great promise opened her mouth wide. Too bad she closed her eyes. It landed on her chin. Alas, mine did too! David is the only one who caught the shrimp in his mouth, but then he never knows when he'll get his next good meal!

Next we discovered chopsticks. Almost everyone used them - Will enjoyed picking up his vegetables and dipping them into the sauces. He never ate anything other than rice, but he had fun! Morgan got disgusted with her chopstick skill and finally resorted using the fork so she could finish her meal before they closed up the restaurant.

Toward the end of dinner we noticed it was pouring and David mentioned that he had left the girls' rug outside. Oh well, there wasn't much we could do about that since we were 20 minutes away. We headed on to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house for cake (no ice cream - we forgot and left it at home) since we have no air and it wouldn't be very comfortable for the Grandpeeps to be there for an extended time.

Too full from dinner we just had to let Morgan open her presents before cutting the cake. She opened a gift of necklaces from her grandparents who had already taken her clothes shopping. But then came the boring gifts from us. She must have opened 6 gifts - shirts all. Then came the last one - small, jewelry box, ooh what could it be?! Probably another tank top. nope! It was a cellophone, as Katherine used to call them.

Okay now, this child's life has to be complete. She's in high school, and she has a cell phone. What more is there?!

Oh yes! Cake!

Caroline helped to light the candles and burned her fingers in the process. A minor trauma before cake.


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