Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick Or Treat!

Here's the gang just before heading out to torment the neighborhood. The green-hooded one stayed home to hand out candy and scare young children.

Before leaving, the kids just had to try answering the door and fending off monster guys!

We confused this woman a bit. She was expecting just Carter and then on top of seeing our children out of context she had the additional confusion of Mary being there!

Will loved trick-or-treating! He'd never gone around a neighborhood before and got the hang of things very quickly!

Something spooky was in that tree. What was it?!

When we all got back to the house every child emptied his bag onto the floor and began the sorting ritual. Morgan couldn't resist having Carter count his Kit Kat bars!

This girl loves a good time! And candy!

We all had a great time - from dinner to the treats - and everyone fell asleep easily! Some even on the way home!


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