Monday, November 26, 2007

Project 365: November 26

These are just some of Will's pennies.

He got them down "all by myself," and started counting them with great purpose. His goal was to be able to buy a new tractor from the Tractor Supply Store.

Not a real one, just a small toy. Gabe's mom, who along with Carter's mom, has introduced my boy to buying things in stores, bought Will a tractor today. He had great fun until he lost the trailer part in the back of her truck.

The boy was despondent! Totally. He wailed all the way home - from town! That's a long wail people!

So, when the boy said he wanted me to buy him another tractor, I said I wouldn't and that if he wanted one he could count his pennies and buy himself another tractor. So that's what he did - the counting part anyway. Gabe's mom found the trailer and all is well here now.


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