Saturday, January 19, 2008

Project 365: Day 16 - January 16

This is the state of all of the bookshelves in our house.

We love books, so we buy books, and we keep them...forever.

We are the black hole of books.

Do we keep them because we love them, or because the thought of going through them is so overwhelming that we've turned a blind eye to the absolute ridiculousness that lies in having a book on trauma surgery?

We do have lots of really good books that are keepers. I've just run across two more to add to my reading list, and another three to pass on to a new mom. Now that I'm out of mothering a toddler I think it's time to pass them along, don't you? My inclination is to keep them for my kids, but I suspect that they'll want to find their own.

On a side note: that little stuffed creature on the shelf is a geoduck. It's a clam.


Anonymous David said...

OK, you convicted me with the "absolute ridiculousness" comment. The Trauma Surgery book was a good find when I picked it up many years or so at a yard sale or the SPCA sale or wherever. Great background material for that book that still hasn't been written. But, since it's taking up space, collecting dust, and is full of (dated) information that can now be found on the internet, it's on its way out (along with many others).

That'll make room for new books!

9:21 PM  

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