Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VBS - The Power to be Thankful

We got to church earlier than usual to finish up some last minute decorating. It was a good thing we did because most of our wall decorations had fallen down overnight! Grr.

I'm thankful that I had lots of help getting things organized and ready for the kids. While I rehung the decoration some helped by making copies, some helped by adding more to the decorating, and
some provided manual labor!

This is the fellowship hall decorated for the Sonic Sing and Play sessions!

The groups go to Wacky Works Crafts. Today they made a Bible Buddy Beaker and decorated their bags.

They go to Hyperspeed Games. They play inside and out.

Today they had to try to get 10 bubbles into a bucket. The wind didn't cooperate and only the first crew group was able to accomplish getting a few bubbles into their buckets. Everyone else had fun trying though!

At test Tube Treats the snack was a sad face cookie whose frown was turned into a smile!

The kids go to see Chadder's Adventures. It's a video story that ends in a cliffhanger every day!

There are Bible Stories...Miss Patti is so good at telling stories!

Morgan's friend Lindsey is helping us this week. She's on crutches so it's difficult for her to get around but she's managing it with a smile and the elevator!


Anonymous Morgan said...

Yea Lindsey!

5:33 PM  

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