Wednesday, July 30, 2008

County Fair Pics

Going to the County Fair is a real treat. Where else can you see animals, ride rides, and soak up the local culture? The kids had a great time seeing all the animals and exhibits. We searched every entry for a familiar name! Several friends were awarded ribbons for their entries!

Will loved the petting zoo - especially the brown and white "best of show" calf. Will decided that he too needs a calf. He'd keep it in the front yard and love it and say "hi" to it on his way to school.

After winding our way through all of the exhibits, we headed toward the rides.

Oh, the excitement! The kids rode the merry-go-round, the wiggle worm, the dizzy dragon, the swings, the roller coaster, and the ferris wheel.

They tried their hands at the water balloon game and the pick a duck (a.k.a. the easy to win a prize) game! They all even tried to climb the flippy ladder!

It was all great fun! I'm hoping they'll do it again next year!


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