Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project 365: Day 231 - August 18

Today we dropped Morgan and Caroline off at the elementary school to help a teacher friend get ready for the first day. We kidnapped Zach and Sarah for a fun-filled day of running errands! We also still had Emily, our chicken helper friend, with us!

We hit the library in an attempt to avoid more late charges! Almost made it - we had three MIAs which will cost me 10 cents apiece! I should learn to renew before they're due, but never do! Then after a quick trip into WW we headed to Target for more school supplies - not many, thank goodness!

Here we are at Starbucks in Target - I had to have some caffeine before heading to lunch!

This is Sarah with a big bag of ice on her face. It was really cold but she was a good sport and kept it on there for a long time. She got a good bruise at the Chik-fil-A play place after lunch today, but she smiled her way through the day!


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