Tuesday, September 30, 2008

K1 Trip to the Apple Orchard

All eight K1 classes travelled to the apple orchard today. As if that wasn't enough chaos, there were also three chartered busloads of kids plus two large groups of preschoolers! The kids went to "apple school" where they learned what happens in the apple-growing process during each season of the year.

They got to pick all kinds of apples - the Golden Delicious apples were the closest to their height so Will's bag was mostly filled with those. He did get a couple JonaGolds, a Winesap, and a Red Delicious. He's very excited about making applesauce with his apples.

There were bins with gourds and mini pumpkins, as well as more apples and larger pumpkins. I did manage to escape without buying a big pumpkin, but Will really wanted those cute little pumpkins! I'm wondering where they have disappeared to, and am thinking he's stored them away in his room to be forgotten and found later when things get really smelly!

After apple school and apple picking, the kids got eat lunch before going on their hayride. There was a lot of running around and finally a posed group shot!

By the time they all got back to school all of the teachers needed a nap!


Blogger crosscountrychick said...

that applesauce was yummy

9:15 AM  

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