Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Take Two

It's been years since we've celebrated Christmas twice. This year, "Christmas Take Two" was made necessary by Great Grandmother Canady's illness and passing. Because she was so ill her children needed to be with her, and therefore Grandmama and Granddaddy could not be here for our usual Christmas day festivities.

So once every one was back at home and rested, we celebrated here, with some non-traditional food, but some very traditional gift opening!

Will is modeling the tree man's lips!

Granddaddy get a lot of help opening his gifts - check out his warm Go Deacs!/Go Mustangs! blanket!

What could Grandmama be opening?

Gracie was blessed with a lint roller back massage.

With the presents gone, Wonder Dog Gracie claimed her special spot under the tree.

**That tree has its own story, one claimed by Wags Outside, but never told. You'll have go there and bug him about that. I'm just happy to have a tree that holds ALL of our ornaments - from my red yarn doll that I made in Girl Scouts in the 70s to the snowman straw hat that Will made this year in Kindergarten, and all those lovely handmade ornaments from the years in between.


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