Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mermaids and Mermen

This is the project that started it all. Katherine had a science project due today. The assignment was given about three weeks ago - students were to self-select a project involving light. She planned hers early, but put off making the actual project until after her DI competition. As a result this thing has taken up the kitchen table for the last several days.

It took Will until yesterday to figure out that Katherine was using Crayola Model Magic for her project. Once he saw how much fun it was to use, he sat himself right down and decided to make "things".

His first creation was this.
I thought it was a shark. He went to bed telling us it was a shark, but woke up saying it was a mermaid. Originally there was no orange -the orange was added tonight when he broke the thing in half!

He had so much fun making the first mermaid, that he decided this afternoon to make a "collection." I heard "collection" and thought three or four more wouldn't be so bad. It looks like we now have a whole tribe of merpeople. There's even one with a mohawk!

This is K's mermaid -it's actually for another project she's working on for her word study class. She's making a triorama using her ocean meaning words - words like aquifer, aqueduct, mermaid, submarine and aquaphobia.

Here are Brenda and Eddie - king and queen of the merpeople. Did you notice how he's turned to kiss her cheek.

They are the only ones allowed to kiss - because they love each other. They aren't just kissing either - he's got them so intertwined that they'll reign together forever. The rest of his people aren't allowed to kiss - maybe because they have bronchitis and the doctor said not to!


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