Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Independent Study

Tonight was the high school's independent study open house. Every student who had an independent study this year was required to present his project tonight. Some took up new instruments or perfected their skills on ones they'd already learned. Some learned new things like sign language, digital photography, or farrier science. One even trained a service dog! Lindsey did hers on horseback riding. Morgan's was quiltmaking.

This is Morgan's mentor, Lynn. Thankfully, a parent is not permitted to be the student's mentor!

Morgan learned a lot under Lynn's tutelage. She planned and pieced her first two quilts with Lynn, and now has serious sewing machine envy.

Lynn showed her how to machine quilt and how to hand quilt.

Here's Quilt #1 - Around the World - Morgan picked these fabrics out at Burkholder's in PA last November when we went there with my mom! This one is complete! It is totally quilted and even has a label on the back!

Quilt top #2 - Morgan also picked these fabrics out at Burkholder's. This one still needs to be quilted.

Quilt top #3 - This quilt is made from fabrics in our stash - some of the fabrics have been around since before Morgan herself! Morgan made this one at home - it was a true test in patience for both of us! At one point we had to tear out more than half of the pinwheel blocks because they'd been sewn the wrong way! Now it just needs to be sandwiched and quilted.

Her's the girl and her poster. That's a lot of work for a pass/fail class!


Blogger Diane said...

I love them! Especially #3 -- it just looks "fun"!

8:38 AM  

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