Sunday, June 21, 2009

SB2W Drop Off

The van was packed and ready to go LAST night! We were on the road exactly at 8o'clock this morning! We stopped to eat a picnic lunch on the way.

We were still so early that we just had to stop for ice cream at the dairy bar - very similar to Kline's.

We got to camp (early!) just as the counselors were arriving at the gate to greet the campers! The girls are in cabins 4, 8 & 12! I helped Katherine get settled in her cabin - I'm way too old to be making top bunks - and helped her put her clothes away.

Then I helped Caroline with her bed, but not her clothes ("I think I've got it covered," she said!) and got to see inside Morgan's cabin! While I waited in the clinic line the kids explored the putt putt course and the swings and watched others go down the water side! We caught up with our other Cville friends and got a picture of all the local kids (sans Elizabeth who was greeting campers!)

We always drop our first letters in the mail box in Jennerstown on our way back home!


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