Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rockets Red Glare

The week's excitement didn't end with camp closing. Today Katherine had a party to celebrate her 11th birthday! It was originally supposed to be a theme party, but so many girls were out of town that we wanted to wait for that.

So, she decided to launch a rocket, make jewelry, and swim.

We all loaded into the vans and went to the soccer field at the elementary school. It took us a little while to figure our what we needed to do to actually launch the rocket. While they waited, the girls played a very competitive game of Mother May I?

Their patience paid off. When the rocket launched it went very high very fast. It went so high that when the parachute opened in took it over the trees across the road and, I'm sorry to say, we'll never see that rocket again. Even our most daring adventurer wouldn't traipse into the woods - too much poison ivy and even some snakes.

So, we went home to swim. There were lots of who's the highest jump, straightest pencil, biggest splash, etc. Then there was cake and ice cream. After stuffing their bellies full, the girls made bracelets.

Then after everyone went home we headed to Fabios to eat on the new patio, because who wants to cook after a great party ... especially when there's a whole lot of beach packing to do?


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