Friday, August 28, 2009

Team Building at Flower Camp

Bright and early, we all arrived at Flower Camp, where we were met with monkey brains and coffee! Oh wait, I brought the coffee!

What's with the pink? It's all about team building - coming together for a common purpose. Okay, really it was the color most disliked by our honorable Trustee!

There were flowers in the garden - people actually come here for retreats on flower arranging. Not us, though!
We took off our shirts and played games!

We died - RC was the assassin - Herb (the Tie Boss) was the first to go! If there were awards, Cassandra would have won the most dramatic award!
We got untangled!
We played Giants, Wizards & Elves!
There were lots of blindfold opportunities!
This was the most fun!
Everyone had a great time!


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