Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookies, Chili & Caroling

The girls asked some friends to come over to decorate cookies, have supper, and carol on our still very snowy road. The littlest girls, who really aren't very little anymore, started their evening making candy necklaces!

Morgan & Caroline & their friends started with the cookie decorating. There would be lots of cookies to frost!

Will, who started out the evening worried that he wouldn't have HIS friends here, had a fun time decorating and being hugged by all of the big girls! He was also the official cookie deliverer!

At one point every girl was decorating.

We added toffee & chocolate covered pretzels to these beautiful sugar cookies!

Katherine's friends braved eating in the living room. They enjoyed the quiet. The kitchen was awfully loud!

We had chili, rice & cornbread! Something for everyone!

After eating and wrapping up the cookie plates, we headed out to sing!

Wouldn't you just love for this group to show up at your front door?!

We stopped at every house and sang. We even sang when we knew people weren't home!

Will had a great time singing along & delivering cookies!

We even caroled at our next door neighbor's empty house - well, Doc was there, and Rascal, and some chickens!

After caroling, everyone welcomed some hot cocoa & hot cider! Caroline enjoyed being in charge of doling out the whipped cream!


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