Friday, January 08, 2010

Generations Project #2

Katherine's language arts class has several "generations" assignments this year. The first was an autobiography. The second involved interviewing a parent and and a grandparent and then making a timeline project about one of their lives. Katherine interviewed her Grandma (my mother) and me. While her Grandma's answers were much more interesting than mine, when it came down to getting the project done we had more pictures of me than of my mom. The project required 15 specific events in the subject's life with corresponding world events. The end result was a television which showed a timeline of my life along with important world events. She used her brother's Tinkertoys for build the scroll and even made rabbit ears for the top! She designed the TV to look like one of the early TVs - if you disregard the Tinkertoys! The answers from her Grandma won't be wasted since the next project will be a biography of the other person interviewed.


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