Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Board of Supervisors

Tonight was the long-awaited Board of Supervisors meeting. The schools have been encouraging parents to support the School Board's budget requests, and a lot of people showed up to speak. The kids and I got to the County Office Building two hours early so we could sign in to speak early in the evening. David & Katherine ended up speaking second and third out of about 150 people who signed in.

David spoke well and got his point across clearly.
Katherine did a great job speaking and no one could tell that her knees were shaking! Her position, as well as David's, was that the Board should do what it needed, including raising taxes, to fully fund the proposed budget. Katherine spoke specifically of the things that she felt would be impacted if the budget was not fully funded...things like DI, sports & class size.

Every time someone said something that the school supporters agreed with, we would hold up a sign in agreement.

This evening was a good lesson in how government works - or doesn't work - and why it is important to be an active participant in what's happening in our community.


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