Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Globals - Day 1

Day 1 at Globals started with breakfast. Everyone ate together in the dining hall. The lines were long and the rooms were crowded. We weren't inside more than 5 minutes before our team was being approached to trade pins.
After eating we walked down to the convention center to take a look around and get our bearings.

This is a statue of Rachmaninoff.

Katherine traded pins with this guy from Korea. ...and this girl from British Columbia.

Here she is again, ready to trade. COme one, come all!
Maggie & Mandi were trading fiends! All of the kids were in the same room and all ended up with remarkably different assortments of pins! Later they had fun trading among themselves!
Box & Ball were there for publicity shots!

It's almost Pep Rally time!
Jenna really enjoyed rearranging her pins. She was an awesome negotiator!

Balloons welcomed us to the Pep rally!

After the Pep Rally we went to dinner and then headed out to the Opening Ceremonies!

Here's the girl portion of the team. The boys went off with their mothers after lunch and were nowhere to be found until we were all inside. Our team was selected to be in the parade for Virginia!
Those not in the parade were way up high!
There they are!! Jenna and Katherine carried the Virginia banner!
Did I already say we were way up high?
Laser light show!
Our wonderful team manager!
Chaos afterwards!
Follow Jim and the Hippy fish!


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