Sunday, June 20, 2010

SB2W Drop Off - Year Six

After 6 years it has gotten easier. Today's weather was beautiful. We had several friends from home attend camp this term so there were lots of familiar faces at drop-off!

Morgan is in Cabin #14!!!! That's the SENIOR cabin. Caroline, Caroline P & Mattie are in #10, and Katherine is in #5. We got the girls all moved and then Will did some exploring. He's all set to come next year and has decided he'll be in cabin #1 on the boys' side. It's a pretty safe guess since he'll be one of the youngest ones in camp! When it was time to go, Will gave the girls hugs (and tackles!). He misses them so when they are gone, but loves the quiet at home!

First letters mailed from Jennerstown - just minutes from camp!


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