Saturday, August 21, 2010

Busch Gardens

So, we took five of our kids to Busch Gardens today. Well, G's not really ours, but she could be!!
First stop was make sure everyone was tall enough to ride the rides! Yay! Will was tall enough for what he wanted to ride!
We were a little nervous when it came to K's never know. But yay, she was also tall enough to ride all the rides...not that she wanted to.
Touristy shot...and move along...
I've always wanted to go to France...this may be as close as I get.

Lost Children...they look so sad.
Oooh! The log flume. I did this ride once...a long time ago. Never again. These guys were so brave. They get points - and wet clothes!

The Merry-Go-Round is more my speed.
The little kid section is always a draw.

The Loch Ness Monster lured 3 of our group in. This was G's 1st roller coaster ride - again so brave. She earned her shirt! The rest of us ran back and forth to see what we could see.
Oh! I got spoken to when I took this shot...
Love, love, love this picture!
Next came some more water fun! This time we were spending quarters to get other people wet.

Roman Rapids

Tea cups...dizzy riders!

I love the swings, but I'd rather they stop the ride after about 6 spins. This time it was was fun though because they started the fireworks while we were still on the ride.
Time to go.


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