Friday, February 03, 2012

BMS Spelling Bee 2012

Katherine participated in the middle school spelling bee again this year. Although they took the top 30 spellers, only 26 showed up. Before the bee started the Assistant Principal went over the rules and introduced the judges. There were two Burley High School graduates (from 1964 & 1965), and a graduate student.

The first student spelled the first word incorrectly - he heard the wrong word. Such a bummer!
The first several rounds went well, with a few kids dropping out in each.
On a side note, Will's very first word from yesterday's bee didn't show up until the second round of this bee. Words were definitely easier today.

K made it to the 5th round, getting out on the word perseverance. She had a good time and didn't mind not moving on. The spellers did so well that the six spellers moving on to the 7th round will continue the bee on Monday.

Great job, girls!


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