Monday, July 17, 2006

A Dog Party*

Just over one month ago we lost our first baby. We fell in love with Wilson 16 years ago just after we finished law school. Someone had the bright idea of adding a new puppy to the summer of bar study and someone else went along with that idea. Sometimes I wonder how either of us ever got into school in the first place!

We had lots of fun with Wilson over the years and many wonderful memories. The most precious memories though are those of that sweet dog with our children. He was the most gentle and forgiving beast when they were near and always rose, even in the end, when they came out to see him.

Periodically, three-year-old Will asks about Wilson. The conversation usually goes like this: "Where's Wilson?" "He's not here anymore." "Oh, he died?" "Yes." "He go to a dog party?"

*see Go, Dog. Go! P.D. Eastman's Book of Things That Go


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jennifer - What a nice job you are doing with this website. It is a treat to look through here and see what is new with the Wagoner clan. Just yesterday a friend asked about the beautiful kids on the fridge (yours).

I love and miss you.

Julie Sauer

12:19 PM  

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