Saturday, March 24, 2007

Project 365: March 24

This is the girl who doesn't like bagels....

So what is it that she is eating? A cinnamon bagel from Panera - yum! Make that a well-deserved cinnamon bagel from Panera!

This girl ran the ZTA Run for Life 5K this morning. We were going to walk the course, but Morgan wanted someone to run with her, so we started out (for all of an 1/8 mile) running right behind Morgan.

Then we settled into our own pace and our own little routine. We'd run and then K would say, "Let's walk". So we'd walk, for 3 steps, and she'd start running again.

I'd say, "K, what happened to walking?!" Her response cracked me up, because it's the same thing that I feel when I run..."I want to walk, but my body is telling me to run!"

So we ran....for bagels!


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