Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Have a Mote Now!

The boy has a "control mote" and a car. We got it at Tarjay for 250 pennies. Can't beat that. We even bought batteries, the cost of which more than made up for the inexpensive nature of the toy. But still.

In this picture the car is not working because we didn't have a tiny Phillip's head screwdriver handy in the van. The lack of batteries didn't bother Will in the least while we were at swim practice.

Once we passed through the front door of our home, it was a different story. First he tried his own huge plastic screwdriver. That didn't work too well, probably because it was a Flathead. Then there was no peace until I found a screwdriver that would work.

Batteries in, he was beside himself! He and Katherine immediately set to work building roads and a ramp in his room. I hated to break up the fun at bedtime, but Will was happy to build a parking space for his car and his "control mote".


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