Sunday, June 24, 2007

SB2W - Drop Off

One of the first things that happened when we arrived at camp was lots of little girls squealing in delight over seeing their friends from last year return! They are not all together again this year, but are close enough that they'll have a great time together again while also making new friends.

One of the funnier things that happened while we were there was that I found out that the father of one of Katherine's cabin-mates was in my high school class. He said I looked familiar - I didn't think he did, though his name was familiar. I looked him up in my old yearbook this afternoon. He was one of the smarter guys, but didn't conform at all. He was really cute too, but had a girlfriend all through high school, so he wasn't one to waste your time wishing over! Not that I ever wasted any time wishing over boys. No way, not me!

After we were given the girls' cabin assignments, we helped them (well, two of them!) unpack and organize their things. In cabin #1, Katherine was assigned a top bunk - to her delight! She must have climbed up and down 20 times before I left her to go help Caroline. Caroline waited patiently for over 30 minutes for me to arrive in cabin #3. She hadn't unpacked the first item. Soon after we had her things in place, she wandered out to find her friends. Then I headed down to cabin #8 to see if Morgan needed any help. She met me on the road, told me that she'd already unpacked and that I could not take any pictures of her at her cabin. I complied, and only took one of the cabin!

All of the campers have a cubby to hold their "salem" supplies. Half of the girls are one one side, and the other half on the other side.

The good news this year is that the showers all have curtains around them! In the past only the private showers (which had shorter shower times) had curtains.

Parental obligations include taking pictures at every turn when a child does anything remotely interesting. Realizing that I am a parent and I was leaving 3 of my 4 children at camp for 2 weeks, I had to take the obligatory group shot. You can imagine the grumbling.

For the record, not everyone grumbled!

The clinic line was by far the least fun part of my day. It must have taken me 45 minutes to get through that line - all for allergy and cold meds.

Will refused to give his sisters hugs when we left, even Caroline who is usually the one who can get him to do anything! He was a bit discombobulated on the way home, wondering aloud the entire way who was where and when everyone would be home again. Thankfully he fell asleep before we got out of PA.

David always has a hard time leaving the girls anywhere, and even dislikes when they go on overnights to friends' houses. I wasn't sure he was going to let Katherine go. He did. She scampered back into her cabin and we saw through the screen that she climbed right up into her bunk. We even saw her wave to us as drove out of camp.

She was happy. Her sisters were happy. Everyone at camp was happy. Wonderful. That's the way we want it to be, but it sure didn't make us feel any less empty while we were driving home.


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