Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So Where Do Nuggets Come From?

After our visit to the hospital we called Carter's mom to see what they were up to. Lucky for us they were finishing up at The Little Gym and were ripe and ready for lunch. We all ate, and then the kids played in the playplace while Carter's mom and I talked, and talked, and talked. It's been a long while since we've had any chance to have a conversation that didn't include small ones constantly interrupting or larger ones eavesdropping! The kids played, coming out every so often to make sure we were still there, gulp down their drinks, and use more hand sanitizer.

Then they all clamored to trade in their kids' meal prizes for ice cream.

Except Caroline who was too busy looking at herself in the wacky mirror! She was mesmerized by the reflection, which showed her with really short hair. Mesmerized, maybe...or possibly traumatized! Once I pried her away she gladly ate her ice cream!

All in all it was a good meal. Everybody ate, the kids worked off some energy and the moms are good to go for another month!


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