Monday, June 25, 2007

Will's First Sleepover

My new name is "chopped liver"!

When Will found out that he was sleeping over at Carter's house, he was so excited that he couldn't sit still. He gathered his things and packed them up in Katherine's pink and purple rolling suitcase. He also declared that he needed to borrow her sleeping bag because he was sleeping over at Carter's and Carter did not have another bed for him to use. Add to his pile his pillow, and he was all set.

Our initial plan was to go over after dinner, but then plans changed. We were invited to come for dinner. That threw the boy a bit. "Mommy, you have to go if dinner isn't ready, and you can come back when it's dinner time." "Then, Mommy, you can go and come back after I have my breakfast."

I encouraged him to accept the fact that I too needed to eat and that Carter's mommy would be sad if I didn't stay and talk for awhile. That became the new plan. Will would play with Carter while I talked with Carter's mommy. Then we would eat, and then I would leave.

That is exactly what I did.


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