Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Just Keep Swimming

The kids and I left home just before 7 this morning to spend the day at the aquatic center for the second day in a row. Today it was Katherine and Caroline's turn to swim. Morgan had the luxury of watching and relaxing all day, except when she was watching her brother. You can tell from the number of pictures I have of her that she wasn't around much!

This guy didn't even know he was swimming in Champs. When he saw his name in the heat sheets he hustled on up and swam a great race! Good job, Joe!

Soon after we got there I was pressed into service as the False Start Rope Assistant. WoW! Tough assignment. I sat poolside and watched every race without having to elbow my way to a a view! I saw K swim her event. What a thrill! She swam all the way across the pool without stopping once and even beat several other swimmers. Unfortunately she couldn't get to me and I couldn't leave my post, but we met up later.

Later, Caroline had her turn at her events. Stopping mid-run, David made it to the pool in time to see her swim backstroke and breaststroke. She swam well and had fun, also getting her best time ever! Will slept through the noise of an hour's worth of events and woke up happy. What a great day!

One of the really cool things about Champs is that we get to see all kinds of people that we know from other places... we see kids from our current and former preschools and elementary schools, from ballet, soccer and lacrosse...we know people on just about every team in town!

Once Caroline's events were finished we packed up and headed home to pack to yet another week at the beach! The kids fell into bed while David prepared his Bible Study lesson and I attempted to get the laundry finished and pack our bags. In the end we decided to pack the van after church and went to bed!


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