Monday, July 23, 2007

So Long, Farewell...

Poor Will. I had to strip the sheets out from underneath him. He so did not want to wake up, but when he was promised pop tarts he made a bee-line for the kitchen. Poor Will, the pop tarts were all gone, but he decided that a doughnut would suffice. Thank goodness for powdered doughnuts!

The kids all watched TV while we finished cleaning and carrying everything out of the house. Most everything was packed up last night so there shouldn't have been too much more this morning. Somehow there was. We had to count the 20 beach towels and 8 sets of bath towels that we'd rented, and then gather all of the towels that came with the house. Luckily they were different colors!

I've always felt like my family's belongings explode when we arrive someplace. Now I know it's not just us! While we tried to keep things orderly, there's just no way to bring 18 people to the beach and not have utter chaos when it's time to leave!

Will spent most of his time this morning trying to keep the front door shut. I admire his persistence but it really made going in and out a bit difficult!

Good-bye house.


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