Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Project 365: July 29

Thanks to VCEO we had a very quiet trip down to Emerald Isle. He had prepared checklists of all the possible North American license plates for each of the girls. They spent the entire trip watching for the various plates, even spotting Nova Scotia! Will spent the first four hours playing with his Leap Pad - what a lifesaver!

We didn't leave home until after 3 which meant we didn't get to the beach until around 10. Did that stop anyone from eating as soon as we got there?! Not my crew.

Once we got unpacked and assigned rooms, we had to do some clearing out. Morgan's room was decorated with a very large fish replica which gave her the heeby jeebies. Grandmama gladly removed the offending fish and put it in her own bedroom! You can see why it might have freaked Morgan out!


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your loyal readers are going into blog withdrawal....

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