Sunday, July 08, 2007

SB2W Pick Up

We got to camp a little later than usual so we didn't get to see the girls before they went to the dining hall for brunch. Instead, we got there just as they began to sing. David went off to gather the girls' things, and after a few songs Will and I wandered down to the cabins, too. It's a good thing we did because, as I said last year, you can't leave camp without checking inside the cabins for abandoned belongings! This year I found several unmentionables! I also found things outside the cabins that David had overlooked. He really is at a disadvantage though considering he had no idea what we'd packed!

We headed to the flagpole when we heard the singing stop. It was time for the announcement of the winning team! As we walked up the hill toward the flag we saw Morgan and Katherine, but not Caroline!
All of the sudden I looked to my right and there she was bending down and grinning from ear to ear, just waiting for Will to notice her. He did, and ran over to her, and then did not leave her side for another 30 minutes. About the same time, Morgan turned around and ran over. Then K just happened to turn around, too. We got some quick hugs and then the announcement was made. The Galatians team had won again! Our team, the Romans, had brought the competition closer than ever this year, so we're hoping that next year we'll ruin their streak!

After the raising of the winning team's flag, we all headed off to the individual cabin awards ceremonies. I went with K, Will went with Caroline, and David went with Morgan!

Katherine's cabin held ten 8 and 9-year-olds and 2 counselors. The counselors were still smiling, and appeared to have really enjoyed their time with the girls. Katherine was awarded ribbons for her achievement in crafts, nature and checkers! She was also awarded the Hustle Patch, which is a distinguished honor for efforts and attitude at camp. Only one camper in every two cabins wins this award! Our good friend Mattie also won it this year!

Caroline was in cabin 3 with her friend Mattie, and Mattie's two cousins. They all had a blast! Caroline's only mishap was falling on the first morning. She scraped her face, hands and knees. Her chin looks pretty good now, but there may be a scar. She won the Meticulous Light Bulb award for her thoughtful contribution to discussions! She also won ribbons for crafts, nature, canoeing, sportball and standing broad jump!

Morgan won ribbons in crafts, nature and frisbee golf! She earned her small S in tramp, water skiing, bible, craft, canoe, and kayak. She earned her big S in sailing, and her super S in bar, flex arm hang and nature! Way to go!

After individual cabin awards, everyone moved together for the whole camp award ceremony. It's during this time that we celebrate the campers who have earned all around S awards - either mini, small, big or super. They also recognize campers who have earned the Hustle Patch and who won the I'm Third awards for each trip. Campers who have been coming to camp for five or more years are also recognized! Our friend Elizabeth has just completed her 11th year at camp!

We were absolutely the last camper family to leave camp. After the awards and stopping by the camp store we doubled back to check the cabins again, finding several small items like Morgan's sleeping bag and towels! On the way out we walked along the path where Caroline proudly identified every tree and then showed us her winning sportball style.

We also stopped for a few camp photos! No surprise there! I'm sure the counselors all breathed a sigh of relief when they saw us pull out!

Will was so happy to see his sisters that he had to hold onto one or another for the rest of the day!

Goodbye for now SB2W! We'll be back next year!


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The girls have been home 4 full days and I'm still doing their laundry! Of course, it'd be done by now if could stay home for a few hours at a time! I'll get it done...just in time to head to the beach!

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