Friday, July 20, 2007

Waiting For Harry

Early this week ScrabbleQueen called to confirm that the local bookstore would be holding an HP party tonight and reserved 2 copies of the new HP book. In anticipation of the event I took a nap so I would be bright and sunshiny for the midnight unveiling!

Most of us went - sans 2 dads and 4 sleepy boys and Boo. On the way we stopped for DQ which as usual was yummy, and blog fodder. Maybe another time. Not.

We got to the bookstore around 10:30 and right away all of the kids were sorted into their houses. We had some in each house, which came as no surprise to any of the parents! The kids played Quidditch, sampled Snape's potions, raced broomsticks, and participated in the TriWizard Trivia Tournament while waiting patiently for 12:01 to come.

At 12:06 ScrabbleQueen had her books and we headed home! Caroline got to touch CallyBob's book before he made her hand it over. Good thinking on his part! She was going to have to wait!

We all went to bed, but ScrabbleQueen and CallyBob read into the 1st chapter before hitting the hay.


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