Saturday, January 19, 2008

Project 365: Day 17 - January 17

As is the norm here when winter weather is forecasted, it doesn't come quite soon enough to make cancelling school easy on folks. Decisions to close or delay must be made by 6am, in time to keep the buses from running or to send them on their way.

So, with no show-stopping weather actually in place, the schools were on a regular schedule. I made the decision to keep the younger ones home because we knew the storm was coming, but the older two had projects due and tests that they didn't want to miss so they went on as usual to the elementary school to volunteer before their own buses would arrive to take them to their schools.

It wasn't even 8am before the snow was coming down hard here, and it wasn't even 8:30 when the girls called to say that schools were closing early. At that point they were still at the elementary school and decided not to go on to their schools. It was a good thing, the buses were running late and the drivers didn't always know how to put on their chains. The elementary school closed at 10, and when my kids left at 1 there were still kids there waiting to be picked up. There were accidents all over town and delays in traffic that left people stranded for hours. Crazy.

There were complaints that the schools should have been closed or delayed. I'd hate to be the one who has to make those decisions. You just never know here, there have been times that they've called school expecting a big dump only to have no snow at all.

So, after Will did his happy dance at all the snow, he promptly decided to have the stomach bug that we'd avoided all fall. Yay!

The girls played outside until they were soaked!


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