Saturday, January 26, 2008

Super Size Me

We (all but Will) just sat through Super Size Me, an indie film by Morgan Spurlock, released in 2004. I'd advise against it for younger children, in fact Katherine went to bed just 30 minutes into it because of the language and not so subtle references to sex. OK, so maybe we should have known she shouldn't watch it, but do you all always pay attention to those things? I just (naively? stupidly?) figured it was just a big rant on McD's.

I can say that at least 4 of us will not be begging to go to the golden arches any time soon. No major surprises really, we know fast food is bad for us. But did we know just how bad it was for us? Probably not.

Take the fries. Any mother who has driven through the McD's drive-thru knows that fries last forever on the floor of the minivan. So what do they do to our insides? We know that the burgers can't be good for you, but did you know that some of the salads are worse? And all along we thought the salads were a healthy option. The parfaits are worse in some cases than the sundaes - what a bummer. We can't even pretend to be healthy.

Now, the film is dated, so maybe, just maybe there are some better choices out there. But the best choices are nowhere near Ronald's beckoning smile.


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