Friday, February 29, 2008

Project 365: Day 60 - February 29

This is a well-deserved rest.

Gracie went for a playdate with Doc, who is at least twice as big, maybe bigger. They never stop moving when they are together and Gracie always needs a good long rest afterwards!

After being brought home, Gracie decided that the open front door (I was unloading groceries)was a call to freedom, so she answered.

I had things to do and did not walk more than a quarter mile looking for her, knowing she'd come back eventually.

Sure enough, about an hour later I heard a loud thump on my front door. It was Doc bringing Gracie home.

I brought Gracie inside and got a leash on Doc, and walked Doc home. Yup, more walking! Well, it turns out that Doc's mom had found Gracie and put her in the yard with Doc. Somehow, and we still don't know how, they got out!

Lucky for us they came home and banged on the door! Gracie crashed until suppertime!


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