Sunday, March 16, 2008

increDIble! outstanDIng!

Yesterday was our regional DI Challenge Competition.

The Groovy Sprouts had a groovy day! They began by goofing off in a tree before heading inside for their first challenge - the Instant Challenge. This component didn't go as well for them as they had hoped, but they worked well together as a team.

For the next phase they performed their DI've Got A Secret presentation. They absolutely rocked!

The story:

Mr. Candybeard was so hungry that he ate an old candy bar, which was a Mr. Evilbar instead of a Mr. Goodbar. Check out the optical illusion!

This royal family and the royal subjects have been suffering through a series of earthquakes lately.

The long-awaited Prince Aaaah is really the evil prince Eeeew!

He plans to kill everyone in the kingdom by giving them bad candy!

Finally Mr. Candybeard feels the movement and hears the tiny voices and realizes that his beard has been home to the kingdom of royal germs!

Being a good guy he saves the royal family and finds them a new, safe, house.

Once they yelled "It's candy TIME!" the team had to answer questions posed by the appraisers. At this point they were totally unfazed by the fact that all these adults were asking questions!

They knew they rocked!

With several hours to go before the awards ceremony the Groovy Sprouts went to find their cake walk cakes to celebrate being finished!

One of the team member's grandparents made trophies for everyone to commemorate their hard work.

Once the awards ceremony finally started it was only a few minutes before we found out that the 5th grade team from our school won first place in their challenge division and get to compete at the State Tournament! The girls (the boys had already gone) were ecstatic for the other team.

And then, the presenters announced that The Groovy Sprouts had won a special award for creativity!

The Da vincI Award for outstanding creativity was awarded to our team with these comments: "Wow, what creativity in CANDYLAND. The Royal Cast in colorful costumes enjoyed the sweet aspects integrated in to all aspects of the set. We loved the "miniature" castle of shrinky dink characters who stood in front of the audience. There was so much attention to detail with creative language and humor."

What a great ending to a lot of hard work!


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