Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Work Walk

Katherine's class had a river work walk planned for today and her teacher asked me to come along!

After gathering all their supplies and going over who had which job, the kids walked across the soccer field to the path that leads down to the river. Once there, K's teacher had the kids sit silently on the benches so they could look and listen to their surroundings. They were supposed to try to see or hear something new.

Afterwards, they were to share what they heard or saw with a classmate. Katherine and this boy exchanged looks at stones and bark!

Then they were free to come down to the river to begin their jobs! There were photographers, water testers, temperature takers, waste water collectors, etc.

After all the data was collected and recorded the students were asked to write about what they observed at the river. K's teacher was very specific to ask them to relate their findings to other things rather than to just write that they saw a snail, or a frog, or a rock.

Once they were finished writing, the kids headed back up through the trail to recess!


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