Sunday, April 20, 2008

Charlottesville Marathon Man

Charlottesville Marathon - April 19, 2008

Katherine, Will and I got up early to try to cheer David on before we had to collect the bigger girls from their famine-lock-in-sleepover. My thought was to get to him at mile 8. Fortunately, the policeman let me through the roadblock at mile 5 so I could try to to get to a point where we could see him. Unfortunately, the half-marathon was also being run and those runner were pretty much clogging up the road going and coming. Once we passed their turn-around point it was so late that we missed David and had to go retrieve the girls without even seeing him at all.

After a quick stop for a mocha, we headed to mile post 21, where we knew we'd see him.

With our mochas and doughnuts, we rolled out the sleeping bags for the sleepover and waited for our runner. You can tell that I got Will out of bed in a hurry, as he still had his pajamas on at this point!

We didn't have to wait as long as we thought to see David come down the hill. We knew he was wearing dark blue shorts, a royal blue top, and a black hat. Let me tell you how many other male runners wore the exact same thing that day! The girls have vowed to find him a bright lime green shirt for his next race!

As David ran into his last five miles, Will gave him a high five for good luck!

Then we were off to find a parking space downtown for the finish!

Katherine's "You Rock!" poster elicited lots of smiles, but this shirtless guy yelled out to her "You rock sister!" which made her grin!

Here comes David. Almost at the end!

No rest for the weary.

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!

After a moment or two of recovery David was forced to acknowledge his children and leave the wall in search of food!

I love watching races and especially enjoy watching David run. I thought he looked good and strong throughout this though course. Of course, watching and actually running are two different things.

To read his take on the race, go here!


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