Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Project 365: Day 113 - April 22

On March 28, the MHS Envirothon Team won their local competition at Walnut Creek, which sent them and the second place team to the April 22 Area II competition, held at Crockett State Park in Midland.

The competition is comprised of 5 hands-on & written tests lasting 20 minutes each, and an oral presentation. The written tests covered forestry, soils, wildlife, aquatics & a special topic. The special topic this year is recreational impacts on national parks.

Despite practicing their speeches all the way to the park, the team appeared to be relaxed and unfazed by the whole competition aspect of the day. They knew their stuff.
Their presentation went so well that the judges had no questions for the team. None. Having seen two other presentations, and the questions asked those presenters, I assumed our team would also be subjected to similar scrutiny. Apparently they covered everything possible, leaving no holes! Great work!

The team took first in wildlife, recreational impacts & oral presentation, and third in forestry and aquatics. This gave them first place overall in the Area II competition.

On May 18-19 they'll compete in the state competition at JMU! Wish them luck!


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