Monday, May 26, 2008

Hiking Humpback

David made history today by checking the map!

That's where we're going?!

Once again we're checking the map. How far is it?

Getting to the top was pretty painful. Between being totally and completely out of shape and having the whiny almost 5 year old along for the hike made for a really lovely trip. The boy only fell 5 times! No really!! Fussed the whole way too! Luckily for me I had the camera which gave me good reasons to stop periodically to take pictures! Nothing helped with the whininess.

But then we got to the top! He looks so much happier now!!

There were several places to go - and we hit them all! Two involved going up and once involved going down and then up. We did that first.

Will's exclamation made the uphill trip worth it - "unbelievable!" He said he thought he saw Texas!

After lunch, Katherine and Morgan decided to climb the rock face. Morgan scampered up without any problem. She has the benefit of being a bit taller than her baby sister. Katherine got up there too but had to work a bit harder to do it! Caroline claimed her spot on the ledge and declared that there was no way she was climbing up there. She'd rather go caving, which she'll be doing later this week!


From the top we could see the parking lot below. So far down!!

Once we got climbing out of our system and scampered all over all of the rocks, we headed back down. Going down was much more fun and so much less whiny than going up! On the way down we saw some deer.

And a the very bottom near the parking lot, we found a patch of four-leaf clover.

On the way back to our car we passed through an old working farm. It was originally located several miles from this spot and was moved here in the 50s or 60s. Today there were 4 people in period costume working the house and farm.

One last look at the top!


Anonymous David said...

A great way to spend a Saturday morning. Where to next weekend?

8:43 AM  

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