Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Orange Crush Undefeated

The last orange Crush game of the season! Some of these girls have been practicing regularly since a beautiful day in January. That makes for a long season, but they managed to keep their lax heads on and get through it with flying colors - orange!!! With today's win they are undefeated for the season! Katherine played defense and did a great job keeping her girl from passing the ball to someone else! That's Coach Dad in the background!

Of course, the ball did end up getting passed to someone else - that's kind of how the game works after all!

After the win, it was time for the end of game "good games." That's the real coach there.

Katherine & Sydney

Kat, Abigail & Colleen

Syd, Kat, Abby, Colleen, and Amanda in front!

So, they say it was good game. I missed it. I don't take missing a game lightly, especially the last one of the season. Couldn't be helped though, as the sinus/allergy thing took me down. Still don't know which it was, though it doesn't really matter - when you're down, you're down. I'm especially sad about it though because it might have been K's last game. I hope not, but there have been rumblings about not playing next year.


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