Monday, May 12, 2008

Project 365: Day 130 - May 9

This is the boy on his way into school. Although it is Friday, he's not heading to his regular class. Instead he's heading to Kindergarten Orientation!

Here are the boys after they visited Mrs. C's class where they played with puppets, read Clifford books, and played on the computer. They look like they had a good time.

The obligatory bus ride - Will perched at the edge of his seat for the whole ride, until he figured out that by leaning his head on the window he could make funny noises with his mouth. Yup, I can tell already that I'm going to be on speed-dial next year!

After the bus ride, we had to go to the turtle place for lunch, and then to the bead store for some cool beads! These boys love visiting Gerry at the bead store!

Then I had the bright idea to get some ice cream thinking that they'd take a check since they did just a month ago. But no! No checks! So Kathleen had to buy the ice cream, 'cause you can't say ice cream to two little boys and then tell them your were just kidding! Can you say cranky?!


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