Saturday, May 03, 2008

Project 365: Day 124 - May 3

We used that flannel fabric today to make 47 baby blankets for an area cause.

Every year around this time our church organizes a one-day community service blitz called OIAM. I usually work on the sewing projects since it allows me to stay at the church. With all of the kids going different directions for their own projects I think it's better if I stay in one place!

I had my doubts about our ability to complete the project when I saw that I only had 5 people signed up on my list. Our assignment was to make at least 25 baby blankets and to provide tablecloths and valences for an area nursing home. That's a lot of work for five people in 6 hours!
In the end though, it came together. I bought vinyl tablecloths and a matching fabric tablecloth which could be used to make the valences. One woman took on the task of making the valences.

The rest of us, plus Caroline and another add-on, ironed and sewed the blankets. It doesn't sound like much work at all to sew hems around squares of fabric, until you consider that the flannel we got from one local store was all cut crooked! We had to square up all of the fabric before beginning to sew! We finished though, around 3:30 this afternoon. I think this is the first OIAM sewing project to actually be finished on the day of the event!


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These are lovely!

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