Friday, May 30, 2008

Veterinary Emergency Treatment Service

Our Junior troop went to visit Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services. Another troop leader is one of the veterinarians there and had offered to have us come in for a tour.

We got there prior to opening and got to see a lot of cool things including an assortment of foreign objects that had been removed from the bodies of various animals.

This is an operating room. The girls were surprised to find out that the vet used equipment similar to that used in a human hospital's operating room.

This is the animal nurse using the oxymeter on Katherine.

They use IV bags for the animals just like those used on humans.

While we were still there 3 dogs were brought in. One had been hit by a car, but was fine. One had stepped on something and his paw was bleeding. The girls were so sad to see the dogs like that but recovered quickly when we told them it was time for dinner!


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