Monday, June 30, 2008

Lemon Drops and Popsicles

Today was another good day for swimming with friends. Will and Gabe spent their time (mostly) in the shallow end floating around on the floaties. The others tried new jumps & dives off the board.

I had to watch Will like a hawk in the pool. He wanted to be in the deep end with all the big kids and he felt so safe in his inner tube that I let him wander for a while. Then he got careless and started letting go of the tube to grab other things. I could just see him slipping down to the bottom and scaring himself...and me, so I called him back to the shallow end where Gabe had wisely waited. He was happy enough to be back in the shallow end spinning around and around and around!

Most of these shots are of attempted "lemon drops".

This creature helped put all the floaties away! Thanks Joe!

As usual there were Popsicles afterwards - two each! Except for Will who only took one and gave it to the dog.

**One letter today - from Morgan, and written last Tuesday. As of last Tuesday everything was great, awesome & fantastic. Hopefully it still is! Oh, and my theory about the post office being at fault for our lack of letters was so off base, especially since our friends down on Thomson Farm got two letters Saturday! My apologies to our lovely postal carrier!


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