Monday, June 23, 2008

SB2W 2008 Drop Off

Not so early yesterday morning we loaded the van with three huge duffel bags, three bags of bedding, three sleeping bags & a huge box of assorted other necessities, and headed off to Pennsylvania.

The ride was uneventful - no bickering at all. They didn't even quibble about who got to sit in the middle seat*. Going to camp must be, all by itself, the best antidote for sibling rivalry! Some of the girls used the ride to start writing letters from camp! - I guess they know how much their Daddy looks forward to a full mailbox when they're gone!

On the way, we stopped for lunch at McD's, which is the only (quick) place to stop in Berkeley Springs, WV. Until this year the stop has been fine for all. However, we now have an opinion about fast food, so this particular stop elicited some minor grumbling.

We arrived at camp and received cabin assignments. Katherine graduated to Cabin #2, Caroline to #6 and Morgan all the way to #11.

We got K's bed made and clothes organized, and sent her off to find a new water bottle (we'd left hers at a friend's house and forgotten to retrieve prior to leaving!)
Here's the inside of Katherine's cabin. There's Emily from church, a.k.a. Mattie's little sister! Last year she went to the shorter Summer One session but decided that camp wasn't so bad and came to First Term this year.

Next we travelled to Caroline's cabin to get her settled. It was easy - she didn't care where anything went, or so she said. She's on the top bunk over a new girl named Raspberry!

Once again Morgan determined that there would be no pictures of her in her cabin. I got a shot of the cabin door, and was allowed inside to help make her bed.

The cheap sheets I bought at Big Lots that never fit her twin bed were the perfect size for her bunk - and they're comfy too - lime green t-shirt material! She'll be so cozy!

Will got his first Summer's Best t-shirt and has worn it ever since!

Mattie and Caroline and Mattie's cousin are in Cabin #6 together. Emily & Katherine and Emily's cousin (there are five of them at camp!) are in Cabin #2 together, and Morgan is all the way up the road by herself with 11 other girls in Cabin #11!

We're missing the girls already. Every few hours Will says, I wonder what the girls are doing, or I wonder how the girls are doing, or Do you think they're having dinner too?

* Will actually decided that Katherine (!) would sit there since he would miss her while she as at camp.


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