Friday, August 29, 2008

What Do You Do At Home All Day Anyway?

Now that Will's in real school all day, I've had several people ask what I'll do all day. What a hoot!!

Now, to be honest, this day was not a typical day. I don't usually clean bathrooms, vacuum, scrub cabinets, and do laundry all in the same day.

I also don't do a whole lot of sitting around, eating, drinking, and gabbing. But it was a whole lot of fun! For our twice-rescheduled first day of school celebration Susan (arm pictured) brought champagne to toast the newly freed kindergarten moms. Kathleen brought a wonderful egg dish made with - you guessed it, Keswick chicken eggs! Neighbor Jill took a break from painting (had she started?)to join us!! What fun! We will be doing that again!


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